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4/17 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street
Kim Long Ward, Hue City, Vietnam
Phone: ( +84) 54 3590900
Fax:     ( +84) 54 3519617


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1. Business Director Nguyen Thi Linh Phuong
Business Director
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2. Full name: John Robert Troha
Position: Managing Director
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3. Full name: Nguyen Quang Hung
Position: Technical Director
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4. Full name: Đinh Thị Thanh Tùng
Position: Chief Accountant
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5. Full name: Channing Everett Dirckze
Position: Chief of Representative Office in Hanoi
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6. Senate President Pham Viet Ha
Senate President
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8. Full name: Nguyen Hong Minh
Position: Project Manager
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9. Full Name: Bui Dien Truong
Position: Project Coordinator
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"...I have been impressed by his integrity and his excellent realtionship with local partners and gorvernment officials. His actions and demeanor in support of our projects has enhanced relations between the Vietnamese authorities at all levels and my office as well..."

Mark B.Chakwin.
Colonel, United State Army Defense and Army Attach

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